Sweet potato mash

The sweet Potato Mash recipe is a beautiful side dish for grilled chicken or other meat. Sweet potatoes are boiled slowly in milk and butter until they soften. Then the sweet potatoes are mashed into a coarse texture.

Fresh garlic cloves added to the mash create a perfect balance. Sweet potato’s sweetness is balanced by salt. Sprinkle some crushed pepper over the top to add more flavor.

Sweet potatoes are believed to have fewer calories than white potatoes. Sweet potatoes have low glycemic indices, releasing sugar slowly in the blood. This helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Serve the Sweet Potato Mash recipe alongside Oven Baked Chicken, with a salad such as Chickpea Orange Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes on the side.

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    • 4 Sweet Potatoes, skin removed and cut into small pieces
    • 500 ml Milk
    • 100 grams of Butter (Salted)
    • Five cloves Garlic , sliced
    • Salt and Pepper to taste

Sweet Potato Mash Recipe

      1. Add the sweet potatoes, butter, milk, and garlic to a saucepan and boil.
      2. Boil the potatoes until they are soft and fluffy. Use a potato masher to mash the potatoes. Add a little salt, and mix.
      3. You can pass the mashed potato through a sieve if you want a smoother consistency. Sprinkle some pepper on top before serving.
      4. Serve the Sweet Potato Mash Recipe alongside Oven Baked Chicken with a salad such as Chickpea-Orange Salad Recipe with Sun-Dried Tomatoes on the side.


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