Tuscan kale recipe

You’ll never cook with Tuscan Kale again! This Italian variety has a milder flavor and is easier to prepare. Alex and I recommend starting with this variety because it is now available in supermarkets. Sauté it in olive oil with smashed garlic cloves for a few minutes on a hot pan. Alex and I buy large bunches every week of Tuscan Kale to make this dish. How to cook Tuscan Kale and some other ways to enjoy it!

What is Tuscan Kale?

Tuscan Kale, an Italian variety, is a dark-green color with a mild flavor. It is also known as Lacinato Kale, black Kale, or cavolo-nero in Italian. Why is it called Dinosaur Kale? The “scaly leaves” almost look like dinosaur skin! The flat leaves are very dark green, as opposed to the curly Kale, which has brighter, frilly leaves.

Tuscan Kale has a milder, sweeter flavor than curly Kale. Curly Kale can be bitter and spicy. Tuscan Kale is more easily used in recipes because it is less painful and has softer stems than curly Kale.

Sauteed Tuscan Kale

It’s easy to make, so Alex and I keep making it. Tuscan Kale is ready in 3 minutes! This recipe has a few secrets that make it taste amazing. You can make sauteed Kale in less than 10 minutes.

  • Chop: Destem the Kale and chop it. Cut the Kale into bite-sized pieces.
  • Sauté for 3 minutes. Heat oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. We add crushed garlic at the same time we cook the Kale. This gives it a subtle flavor. Stirring often, saute the Kale with the garlic for about 3 minutes until the leaves are bright green and wilted.
  • Seasoning: Remove from heat and add pepper and Salt. That’s it! This sauteed Tuscan Kale is a delicious side dish to any meal.

Adders step up the mix!

  • Here are some ways to spice up this sauteed Tuscan Kale!
    • Toasted Pine Nuts: Pine Nuts are garnished in Italian-style dishes. They’re expensive but have a unique nutty taste that’s hard to replicate! Toasted Pine Nuts can add glam to a word (such as this Sauteed Rainbow Chard).
    • Pecorino or Parmesan cheese: A little aged cheese takes it to the next level! Pecorino romano is our favorite cheese: a little bit goes a long way. It has a robust and savory flavor.

How to chop Kale

  • You only need to learn to chop the Kale to make this recipe! This is how you can chop it into bite-sized pieces for the recipe. See below for a video!
      1. Fold the Kale leaves together, and hold them in your non-cutting hands. Cut off the stem with a large chef’s knife.
      2. Roll up several Kale leaves all at once.
      3. Use a circular motion to cut the Kale into thick slices. Slices can be rotated and chopped in the opposite direction. Repeat this process for all kale leaves.

Tuscan kale nutrition

  • Why to eat Kale? There are so many! Kale is one of the most healthy foods that you can consume.
    • Kale is rich in antioxidants and fiber.
    • One cup of raw Kale contains 33 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of carbohydrates.
    • Because of its low-calorie content, Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. This cruciferous veggie can help you increase your total nutritional intake.


      • 1 pound or two bunches of Tuscan kale
      • Two garlic cloves
      • Two tablespoons of olive oil
      • 1/4 teaspoon Kosher salt
      • Pepper, fresh ground
      • Optional: Lemon wedges, shredded Parmesan Cheese and toasted Pine Nuts.


      1. After washing and drying the leaves, cut the Kale into rough pieces.
      2. Peel and smash the cloves of garlic.
      3. Add the olive to a large pan and heat it over medium heat. Add the Kale, smashed with a fork, and the garlic. Cook on medium-high heat for 3 minutes. Stir frequently.
      4. Add the kosher Salt and a few grinds of freshly ground pepper. Serve immediately. Discard the cloves of garlic. If desired, add lemon or Parmesan. But neither is necessary for the sweet taste of Tuscan Kale. If you are using curly Kale, then these may be worth considering.


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